Our Services

Magic Box Vacation thinks about everything for you!

We offer different services for you and your family to have all the convenience of a home and comfort of a hotel, providing you and your family magical moments.


You do your shopping online and Magic Box Vacation stores it for you! Value for storage: US$ 10.00 per package (for storage up to 15 days)

Value for delivery:
US$ 35.00 for up to 5 packages
US$ 50.00 from 5 to 9 packages
US$ 70.00 from 10 to 15 packages

* Packages up to 60 cm (20x20x20). For larger packages, please contact us.

Purchase Magic Box

Are you going to arrive late and tired from the trip? Do not worry; Magic Box Vacation will make a purchase with the necessary items for you to enjoy. U$ 185.00 (per purchase)

Items included in the purchase: 1 gallon of water (or 1 package with 24 water bottles), 1 gallon of milk, 1 chocolate can, 1 package of coffee, 1 liter of orange juice, 2 loaves of bread, 1 cream cheese, 1 butter, 1 package of cheese, 1 package of ham, 1 package of sugar, sweetener, 3 packages of Barilla pasta, 3 cans if tomato sauce, 1 dozen of eggs, bananas and apples.


For a small additional fee, you can get hotel services, without giving up the comfort and convenience of a home. The values vary according to the size of the house:


Car Rental

Magic Box Vacation has an agreement with all rental car operators in the US, offering competitive rates.

Transportation Service

Magic Box Vacation has a dedicated team specialized in providing care for you and your family in Orlando and the region, with new vehicles with a capacity of 4 to 15 people. We offer round trips from the airport to your staying location, transportation to the parks, transportation to outlets and supermarkets, among others.

Attractions Tickets

Magic Box Vacation has an agreement with all the parks located in Florida, including Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, Bush Gardens, LegoLand, Gatorland. We also have tickets for theme attractions and dinners, including Medieval Times.